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Recent Feedback

Take Laura Skinner for example, I was fortunate enough to Manage Laura who started her career as a Bar Supervisor and in less than 2 years, has become the number 1 salesperson at her company, having closed millions in revenue and earned multi 6-figures in the process.  In her own words by working with me, I was able to have an “instant impact on her professional life, thus enabling her to accelerate both her career and ability rapidly”

Or Chris Dolder who went from being an Assistant at Marks & Spencers to following the step by step blueprint we gave him which has now allowed him to grow his career and earnings faster than ever before.

Or Ayo Awe, who I mentored when making his transition into software sales having spent a few years working for Hyundai as a car salesperson. Within no time, he become one of his companies’ top performers, broke multiple records and has since elevated his career now moving to Dubai and living life on his own terms.

Or Tom Davies who used to volunteer as a Police Constable, secured a role in SaaS Sales and has transformed the amount of opportunities generated since following our blueprint, thus multiplying his income in the process.

Or Samuel Ndlovu who went from being a promising football player to now working for one of one prolific SaaS companies in the world after mentorship.

Or Michael Thorley who started his career as a customer service representative and is now one of the most promising software sellers out of the UK.

Paul Weisshuhn.jpeg

Or Paul Weisshuhn who went from being a Brand Ambassador at Adidias based in Germany to crushing it for Amazon, the most successful company in the world.

Walter Love.jpeg

Or Walter Love who went from being an intern to recently getting promoted and ramping up his earnings in the process

Or Jake Wingfield who has grown his brand, network, income and results all after 4 weeks of mentorship.

Or Davon Pollard who went from being a Consultant at CarMax to now a Software Sales leader, developing the next generation of talent.

Neil Duffy.png

Such as working with Neil Duffy who started his career as a fundraiser and is now earning more than ever in Software Sales.

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hear from the most well respected software sales leaders:

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Screenshot 2023-08-06 at 21.31.25.png
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Screenshot 2023-08-06 at 21.31.55.png

listen to what former clients have to say:

Student Success Highlights Video
Average 200% productivity increase.
Paul Weisshuhn - Sr BDR, Amazon Web Services
Overachieved against his quota by 200% after 4 weeks of mentorship.
Walter Love III - SDR, Tanium
'I would recommend working with Alex 1,000%'
Michael Thorley - Account Executive, Rubrik
"I now have a Blueprint for consistent success, I would highly recommend Alex"
Tom, Davies- Business Development, Linnworks
Doubled his amount of net new opportunities being generated after 4 weeks of mentorship.
Jake Wingfield - Client Manager, SAS
More than tripled his social reach and overachieved by 200% after 4 weeks of mentorship.

any questions? message me on Whatsapp by clicking here

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