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Alex's Story

Alex Alleyne is an award winning Sales Expert along with being the Founder and

But it didn’t start there – Having been raised in a single-parent household, Alex experienced hardship both mentally and financially during his early years. He quickly learned that he had a choice to either be lead down a dark path, riddled with temptation or instead, seek to create his own legacy in search of more.


At age 13, he had created a profitable eBay store, buying low margin items, refurbishing them then selling them on for more. By the age of 16, he began working at McDonalds to the amusement of most of his friends. He worked there for almost a year, consistently saving his weekly income in pursuit of a greater purpose.


During these years, his entrepreneurial flair continued to develop having then created an eBook teaching others how to build a profitable business on eBay along with several other passive online ventures.


With all of this early-teenage success, life took a turn at age 19, when he received a big break and an opportunity of a lifetime to study law at university under a full scholarship. As amazing as the opportunity appeared, he felt conflicted by the expectations that had been imposed on him versus the aptitude for sales he had shown from an early age.

Against all odds, he decided to relinquish his scholarship in pursuit of his first direct sales role in the city.

Fast forward to the present day, Alex is now an award winning Sales Expert having delivered 8-figure revenue numbers for multi-national companies along with teaching, coaching and mentoring individuals all over the globe around sales execution.

Alex is renounced for delivering daily content, helping people to build their brand and grow their income while avoiding common career pitfalls.


This culminated in Alex being recognised as Linkedin’s Top Voice in the Sales thought leadership category two years in a row.

He also went onto achieve a First Class Distinction Degree in Sales Management from Edinburgh Napier University in 2020.

Beyond this, he is an entrepreneur having multiple companies alongside working to drive social impact by empowering people mindsets to unlock their potential. 


See below for recent examples of activities Alex has been involved with along with media coverage and awards.

SUS19_Speaker images_Alex Alleyne_Insta
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Alex was a featured speaker at the 2019 Startup Summit in Edinburgh. Alex delivered a presentation on 'Building a Successful Sales Strategy' to provide a framework from which entrepreneurs can build and scale their sales efforts.


Alex is the sales strategist and advisor for Foundervine & Cornerstone Partner's brand new accelerator designed to scale various entrepreneur's businesses to the next level. The featured companies range from no revenue to £800,000+ while Alex is tasked with helping them to scale to 7-figures and beyond.


Alex won the prestigious award as 'Professional of the Year' by BYP Network for breaking down barriers within the IT Tech industry. The award was presented during an annual gala dinner and has served as a point of inspiration for many other individuals to achieve.

Linkedin - Top Voices, Sales 2019

Alex was recognised as the 3rd global Top Voice for 2019 as part of Linkedin's thought-leadership program. According to Linkedin, they seeking to 'highlight professionals in a variety of industries and regions who are building communities and starting thoughtful conversations on LinkedIn through their articles, posts, videos and comments'. You can see the full list by clicking here.

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