Alex Alleyne is an award winning Sales Expert along with being the Founder of multiple online business ventures.


Alex's career was built having delivered 8-figure revenue numbers for multi-national companies along with teaching, coaching and mentoring individuals all over the globe around sales and marketing execution.

Alex is renowned for delivering daily content, helping people to build their brand and grow their income while avoiding common career pitfalls.


This culminated in Alex being Linkedin’s Top Voice in the Sales thought leadership category two years in a row.

Who is Alex?

Sales Expert

Award-winning Sales Expert, working with entrepreneurs and founders to transform sales results.


Founder of multiple online ventures primarily supporting people in converting their passion into an online income.

Mindset Builder

Committed to social impact through initiatives that drive positive change and mindset empowerment.

What do people say about Alex?

"Through our partnership with Alex, we're confident in our ability to deliver significant growth in our sales execution as a result of our relationship"

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