3 Methods to Avoid Burnout as a Sales Professional

In previous articles, we have explored how challenging sales can be as a career choice.

It is extremely demanding with a never-ending pressure to deliver consistent results while meeting an ever-growing target.

According to a Bridge Group study, the annual turnover rate for sales professionals is 34.7% which is astonishingly high for any profession.

With that considered, it has become increasingly important to know and understand how to prepare yourself mentally and physically to stay the course.

Below, I have listed 3 ways you can seek to build resiliency while avoiding becoming another victim to burnout.

1: Understand your ‘Why’

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why? Why you do what you do? What you’re chasing and how you’re going to define your legacy?

If you haven’t, start there.

When sales gets tough, you need to be able to tap into all of the reasons you’re in the industry in the first place. If you aren’t enthused with passion, drive, energy and focus, you’re subject to being swayed by the rollercoaster of emotions a sales career guarantees.

Ensure you have a clear understanding of what you’re trying to achieve big picture and how your career is enabling you to take another step forward on that ladder.

2: Maintain a healthy lifestyle

We have all heard it time and time again, but when it comes to delivering consistently in sales, top performers need to have a routine which prioritises eating well, exercising and getting enough rest.

There are no secrets or shortcuts here. Exercise releases endorphins which help to improve your mood while a clean diet and enough sleep will ensure you’re focussed and energised for your next working day.

Consistent late nights, alcohol and sleep deprivation are only going to see you operating at 50% or less of yourself.

This is where structure and routine can play a key role in ensuring you’re able to stay the course and remain consistent.

3: Re-imagine your thinking

In your career, you’re going to fail and have setbacks, it happens. How you deal with and respond to them is a choice completely within your control.

You need to choose to accept perceived failures as lessons along with leaning on setbacks as an opportunity to grow.

Everything here is about perspective, the way you perceive situations, what they are and the opportunity they provide all sits firmly within your span of control.

The decisions you make today will define your tomorrow so choose to prioritise learning, growth and development.


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