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Can Money Buy Happiness?

Money is a controversial tool and topic. It always splits opinions as to whether we should chase it, save it or spend it.

There is seemingly a consensus view that money can’t buy happiness and I understand why this thought pattern is championed.

Money has the potential to be toxic if someone has an unhealthy relationship with it to the extent where they’re willing to do anything to get it.

With that said, in response to the title of this topic, I believe money can buy you happiness, here’s why:

As mentioned above, money is a tool and how you use it is down to you. You can choose to allow it to consume you in a world of materialism as much as you can choose to use it to do good in the world.

Happiness is self-defined, how to reach a state of happiness and fulfillment is unique to each of us individually.

For some, it’s as simple as helping someone, for others, it’s buying the latest car, fashion item or watch.

It’s fair to say that happiness through materialism is often short lived and delivers a temporary feeling of joy that typically quells over time.

With that said, even for the person that derives happiness by helping others, doing this at scale can undoubtedly be expedited through wealth creation.

If you choose to use money as a vehicle to do good, you’re able to impact thousands or millions by building systems and platforms from which you can deliver a positive impact to the world.

The point of this article is ultimately to say, money can be anything to anyone. We’re empowered to decide for ourselves whether to use it as a tool to contribute to our unique lens of happiness, fulfill short term windows of joy or live in service of other people.


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