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Is Old School Selling Dead?

In one of my first direct sales roles almost 10-years ago, I was given 3 things:

A phone

A yellow pages

A target

I had to find a way to generate revenue with little more than some cold contacts and a landline from which to reach out.

In the era we live in today, we have the power of a densely populated internet along with social media which has completely changed the landscape of outreach.

Today, salespeople have a maniacal focus on their social media outreach campaigns often in place of how many dials they can make or doors they can knock.

To many, the perception is that cold calling and door knocking form part of an outdated old school realm of sales and have a limited place in this technological era.

Do I believe old school selling approaches are dead? No is my short answer although it is apparent that sales techniques many of us used to revert to by default are gradually becoming redundant to new economy methods such as email and social.

When I look back 10-years ago, if nothing else, having such a limited toolkit at my disposal built character and resiliency - Much of which I heavily rely on today.

I have worked for companies where salespeople have never had to do a cold call in their life, eventually, their inbound funnel of leads dries up and overnight they become completely lost as to what do to.

The experience of being on the frontline and in the trenches making hundreds of calls or knocking thousands of doors is hard to replicate.

As much as channels such as email and social have a huge role to play in the future landscape of sales, don’t get caught in a cycle of being stuck behind a computer.

Speak to people, have conversations and get out in front of people.

All of those calls that hang up on you and doors that get slammed in your face will help to lay a foundation that will prepare you to weather any storm.

Use all of the tools at your disposal and avoid getting caught up solely in a new age economy of sales practice.

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Disclaimer: All views expressed in this article are my own and do not represent the opinions or views of my current employer or any entity whatsoever with which I have been, am now, or will be affiliated. This post is for informational purposes only and any advice should be followed at the reader's own discretion.

©2019 by Alex Alleyne

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