Top 5: Daily Habits of Top Salespeople

The top 5% of Salespeople tend to be creatures of habit with a maniacal focus on prioritising their time where they will yield the best results.

Here are 5 key daily habits prioritised by top performers:


They start each day with structure and a game plan. Top performers are always working towards a specific outcome and walk into each day with a structured approach as to how they can make progress towards that goal. A structured start to the day inherently breeds more productivity while being less likely to be ‘busy’ doing menial tasks.


Top salespeople prioritise a disciplined approach to their daily structure. This means reducing noise (turning off messaging apps) or anything else that may act as a distraction while they’re focussed on a particular task. Beyond this, they’re organised and find a window of time in each day to refine their pipeline and stay on top of their notes and admin.


The 5% value the importance of learning and the fact that the journey of learning never ends. Each day, they seek to learn something new - Whether that stems from online resources or a colleague who specialises in a particular product or solution. The 5% are invested in becoming better and appreciate the need to carve time out of their day to prioritise learning and development.


Top performers are constantly assessing their methods and approach to their work to look for ways to optimise their approach. This may mean spending time developing their sales process, method of forecasting or ability to close transactions. Ultimately, they’re constantly seeking ways in which they can reflect, refine and measure their work to find means from which they can improve their ability to execute.


The 5% are always aiming to connect with someone, whether internal or external to their organisation. Typically, they’re prioritising being out in front of customers although on office days, they’re finding time to connect with new people in the organisation both regionally and globally. By doing so, they build their network, brand and ability to leverage their wider team to up-level their execution.

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