Why you should embrace being Uncomfortable

Many of us seek to get to a comfortable place in our lives, where everything comes together and we can make a living without over-exerting ourselves.

The reality is, how much can we learn, develop and grow while we’re in a state of comfort? More times than not, when we’re comfortable, we’re in cruise control. Life just happens and we react to what comes our way.

I often challenge myself and others to make decisions that intentionally place us in a state of discomfort as it is in that place that we acquire skills, gain knowledge and can transform the person we are today.

David Goggins is often referred to as the toughest and most accomplished athlete in the world. As a former US Navy Marine, he has completed countless Ultra-Marathons, holds the world record for the most Pull-Ups in a 24-hour period and he achieved all of this having weighed almost 300lbs not long before.

Having said that, David Goggins didn't start off there - One of his biggest challenges was a fear of water otherwise known as aquaphobia which he had struggled with all his life.

I was afraid of the water, terrified of the water. The fear overcame me … I quit.

David realised that the only way he could move past this to achieve all of the things he wanted for his life was to embrace this state of discomfort in pursuit of greatness.

Not only did he learn to become an exceptional swimmer but he successfully enrolled in the US Marines and excelled against all odds.

The point I am making here is that greatness is rarely achieved by sitting in a comfort zone. You must push boundaries and make yourself uncomfortable while remaining laser-focused on the long game.

The lessons learned by embracing discomfort are ones that set you up for life while building character and resiliency. Challenge yourself to face something that makes you uneasy at the very thought of it, embrace it and you'll be grateful for the outcome on the other side.

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