Want to receive ongoing mentorship, guidance and support from Alex to turbocharge your sales results?


With this package, you will receive the following:


  • Open-ended hours to strategise sales-related topics of your choice
  • Purchase as many or as few as you choose
  • Utilise this bucket of hours anytime within 30-days of purchase


Please reach out to contact@alexalleyne.com prior to purchase to scope your requirements and targetted deliverables. 


Alex specialises in:


  • Sales Model Auditing
  • Pipeline Generation
  • Lead Generation 
  • Qualification Framework
  • Development of Sales Methodology
  • Validation of Go-To-Market approach
  • Negotiation & Closing 
  • Documented Sales Planning
  • Ongoing Accountability & Support

Consulting Hours

  • All individual hours are limited to 60-minutes in time.

    Hours will be delivered in line with a scope of work to be agreed mutually prior to purchase. Please reach out to contact@alexalleyne.com to align on this scope before purchasing.

    Results and outcomes are not guaranteed.

    All sessions to be redeemed within a 30-day period from the date of purchase to be agreed by both parties via email.

    All sessions will take place via Zoom video conferencing or phone call subject to preference and availability.

    The service is non-refundable under any circumstances once purchase has been completed.

    Please reach out to contact@alexalleyne.com to schedule your hours once purchased.


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